We have prepared a blog post on how you can create outfits by getting inspired by the elegant and simple style of Meghan Markle, whom most of us know from the series Suits but lately made a fast entry to our lifes as the Duchess of England.

Meghan, who prefers neutral and simple colors in special events and daily life, uses minimal and stylish jewelry to complement her style.

Like the Duchess, you can create an eye-catching everyday elegance by completing the patterned pieces with a nude-tone stiletto and Sette Swarovski Zirconia silver earrings. The Zirconia Earrings will be complementary to your spring chicness. Don’t forget to fix your tight bun with a hair spray!

The Duchess Meghan, photographed in an official ceremony in Fiji, displays a refined look with her beige dress inspired by the fairytale Fiji beaches. You can also complete your dress in natural tones, which you may prefer in cocktails or invitations, with a pair of contrasting shoe-bags and an elegant silver bracelet. Sette Swarovski is one of the favorite jewelry of our collection and the first key to a noble style. Finally, don’t forget to end your look with a bronzer and peachy lipstick in natural tones, as Meghan prefers!