How are Silver Jewelery Polished? Silver jewelery loses its initial luminosity over time due to the aging of its polish and long-lasting scratches. But is it possible to make silver jewelery have its old shine? So how are silver jewelery polished?

There are a number of ways to polish your silver jewelry. We will share the most effective ones for you

Silver polishing with toothpaste

You can polish your silver with toothpaste. You need to apply toothpaste to your matt silver product with the help of a toothbrush or cotton you don’t use. The polishing effect is further increased when you do this with rubbing. After you have done enough scrubbing, you can wash your silver product and reveal its brightness. This method does not eliminate deep scratches on the jewelry but brightens the color of dull and tarnished silver jewelry, and serves as a lightener.

Silver Plating and Polishing

You can return your product to its original self with the most precise and guaranteed solution. This method is more used in products with scratches as well as dull products. You can refine your scratches with a new silver finish and shiny polish to turn your silver jewel into brand new.

Why Does Silver Darkens ?

Silver is a natural mineral and it reacts with some elements in nature. These elements consist of hydrogen, sulfur and sulfuric. As silver reacts with these elements over time, blackening occurs.

How Do You Prevent Silver From Darkening?

As we have mentioned above, as silver is a natural mine, it is subject to darkness by reacting with elements in the atmosphere due to its structure. But you can take a few measures to slow it down.
When you use your silver products, you will notice that it gets darker and will be scratched and dulled over time. The silver jewels that are used frequently get darker much later. However, your body structure, sweat and acidity accelerates the darkening of the silver coat.
You should not leave your silver jewelry that you don’t use very often in damp environments like bathrooms. However, when you keep your silver accessories in the airtight boxes and packages, it will prevent the silver from darkening.