How do you know if a jewel is real silver? How do you make sure if it is made out of real silver? Apart from the experts and masters in the jewelry and jewelery industry, it is difficult to understand whether a jewelry is real or not, as a customer. Although the end user can rely on the jewelery or the wholesale silver dealer that he has bought the product from, whether it is actually from a mine or not, but still he may have question marks on his mind.

Should there be “925 Stamp” in Silver Jewelry?

  • There are 925 stamps in silver jewelry products. The 925 stamp emphasizes that the pure silver metal is combined with other metals. Silver is a soft mineral due to its nature. In order to prevent breakage, bending and deformation of the jewelry, silver is combined with metals such as copper. 92.5% of silver products are made of pure silver metal. Therefore, the 925 edition is included in the products.
  • 925 writing on the jewelry does not mean that it is absolutely silver. Although the 925 edition is rare, imitation jewelery can be printed to mislead the consumer.

Pay Attention To The Weight Of The Jewelry

A silver jewelry will be heavier than imitation products. It will make you feel the difference between the silver jewelry which gives a feeling of hardness and weight. However, it will be difficult to differentiate this difference in copper and metal products.

Magnet Control

Check with the magnet if you suspect that the jewel you bought is silver. Silver products do not interact with magnets due to their structure. So the magnet can’t pull the silver. If your product attracts magnets, it will be understood that there are metal alloys in the jewelry.

Apply a File to a Section of the Jewelry

File a jewelry area of your suspicion. If it is silver, a shiny silver layer will appear under the part you’ve filed. If the coating on it is peeled and you see a yellow metal, it will be understood that the product is made of brass. Even if the silver jewelery is worn out, it reaches to its former brightness when it is taken care of.

The Most Accurate and Guarantee Solution “Chamber of Jewelers”

The most accurate and guarantee solution to understand and register your product to see if it is really silver is to take the product to the “Chamber of Jewelers” in your area and get confirmation