Should the Swarovski Zirconia solitaire ring be preferred instead of diamond solitaire? Which stone should you choose when deciding on a gift jewelry for a marriage proposal, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or a special day of your favorite person?

The diamond solitaire ring is one of the classic jewelry. However, the value of this precious stone is considerably increased in accordance with the carat and stone size.
Recently, with the advancement of technology, many stone-like stones have entered the jewelry sector. However, these stones have not been very close to the clarity and brilliance of diamonds. At this point, Swarovski Zirconia stands out with its brightness, stone quality and brand value.

Swarovski Zirconia or Diamond Stone?

You should choose your jewelry gifts according to your opinion and purpose. However, you should also consider your budget. If you don’t plan to buy high-budget jewelery, you can choose Swarovski Zirconia stone, a gemstone that reaches the quality, brilliance and clarity of the diamond.
With a silver Swarovski solitaire ring, you can have a diamond-clear jewelry that fits your budget. Sette uses Swarovski Zirconia stones in all its products. This allows you to have a shinier jewelry.

Reflect Your Radiance with 57 Facet

Swarovski Zirconia has reached the number of diamond facets. With 57 facet cuts, the Swarovski Zirconia reflects the light in the most accurate and bright way. Over the years, Swarovski Zirconia, which has not lost its yellowing and luminosity, has been designed to keep its radiance and clarity. Being the most precious metal after gold, Silver meets the Swarovski Zirconia stones with the elegance of their designs.