Established in 2006, Sette is an Ipekyolu Jewellery brand.

Sette has been continuing to grow with solid steps. It is a Pioneer in wholesale silver jewellery sector and has different selling points around the world.
While increasing its brand awareness in the wholesale silver jewelry market, Sette has decided to add a shine to its designs.

It’s been reflecting your shine in a partnership made with Swarovski in 2018 which doubled the sparkle in all its collection by using Swarovski Stones as “Sette Swarovski.” As one of the few Swarovski partners in Turkey, Sette will be providing you its most favorite silver jewelry pieces.
Swarovski Zirconia Stones has reached to 58-facet surface which is mostly seen in diamonds and along with that, you will be able to shine brighter in Swarovski stones by 100% radiance without the toxic materials.

Reflection of your shine…